Why Choose Running?

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Running is becoming more and more popular every day. Now, almost 20% of the global population runs on a regular basis. In 2015, there were over 17 million race finishers in the USA (while there were only 5 million in 1990).

Of course, we are not saying that the whole planet is running marathons: the races that attract the most runners are 5 and 10 kilometres long, as well as half-marathons. The fashion world also reflects the increased love for running that seems to have taken the planet by a storm: just look at the shoes people are wearing in the street, and note how much they look like running shoes! But why are people so enthusiastic about running? What are the true benefits of it? Find a few answers below.

Running is natural

Human beings have always run because it was essential to escaping dangerous situations, and survive. Of course, times have changed, and running is now more of a way for everyone to feel good, for free. Of course, there are ways to work on technique, but the essential elements of the sport remain accessible to everyone. Have you ever seen a child who could walk but not run? Everyone can do it! Unlike many other sports, running doesn’t require rules to remember, points to score: running is synonymous with spontaneity.

A pair of running shoes and that’s it…

There is no sport as democratic, affordable and accessible as running. Although most brands release innovative running-related products by the second, you will only need one thing for running: trainers. No need to find a fitness club, you can run downtown or out in the countryside, and you can even keep up the good work on holiday or on business trips. There is literally nothing more to it than leaving your front door.

Running and progress

Just because running is accessible to everyone, doesn’t mean it is easy to get started! Your first running sessions might be hard, and your body will probably need time to adjust to the exercise. If running is too hard for now, why not start with long walks at a fast pace? Listen to your body to reach your goals. The internet is bursting with stories of beginners who pushed back their limits and now run marathons after training on a regular basis. A good mantra to remember: never give up.

Benefits of running for your health

Cardiovascular disease is the world’s number one cause of death. It is crucial to take care of your heart, and you know how: eat well, move often. Not easy when you spend 12 hours a day sat at your office desk? Running is a cardio workout, and when you train your heart, the heart muscle gets stronger, reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Running: your beauty secret

Among the many benefits of running, people often quote the fact that running helps you keep in shape, and even lose weight. Of course, this should come with a balanced diet, and a clever training program. Running also targets your abdominal muscles, back, gluts, legs, arms… That’s why Brazilian model Adriana Lima recently told Vogue in an interview about her best beach body tricks, that running is the most efficient thing to do.

Run and learn: Runnin’City’s approach to Running Smart

Although nobody denies that running is good for you, some people still hate it, most often because it can be boring. If you don’t think it is, good for you! But if you still consider running a chore, you should try the Runnin’City app! It will fill your head with interesting information about the city’s Points Of Interest. Launch the app in one of the 150 cities featured on Runnin’City, and let yourself be audio-guided through the most interesting streets and past the most magnificent monuments. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn while running, and the best way to run 5/10/15 kilometres without even noticing. Tip: enjoy your favourite music playlist in tandem with Runnin’City!

Note: Don’t forget to ask your doctor for his approval before you start running, 

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