Canals in Hafen City, Hamburg

Running And Tourism In Hamburg

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Hamburg is a big city, the second largest in Germany and the eleventh largest in the European Union. Located on the banks of the river Elbe and not far from the North Sea, it has the second largest port in Europe, after Rotterdam. Owing to Hamburg’s geographical proximity to Denmark, the city has always been influenced by both continental European and Scandinavian cultures.

Damaged many times over the course of history – notably by the Vikings during the Middle Ages, by the Great Fire of Hamburg in 1842, and by the Allied bombings during the Second World War – Hamburg is an interesting city to visit for those who love history, but also architecture, and nature.

Where to run in Hamburg

Hamburg has plenty of good running areas: the banks of the river Elbe; the beautiful Planten un Blomen park, with its waterfalls and Japanese garden; the port; the district of Hafen City, which has more canals than Venice and Amsterdam combined… If you are looking for a pleasant route in Hamburg, whether you live there, are there on holiday or on a business trip, you should know that the Runnin’City application already offers three Smart Runs* of 5, 10 and 15 kilometres guiding you through the city and commenting on the main Points Of Interest passed.

Remember that Hamburg is a big city though! If you are hoping to see the ross garden at Planten un Blomen and the Elbphilharmonie (definitely one of the most impressive architectural projects of our time, and still in construction), take the 10-kilometre route. Enjoy the visit!

Smart Runs available free of charge on the Runnin’City app. Download the app for free on the App Store or Play Store.

The Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, looking like a ship navigating on the river Elbe and reflecting the water.

The team’s address book in Hamburg

Where to eat, drink and have fun in Hamburg? Runnin’City has tried these places for you.

Hamburg Fish Market. The market sells anything and everything, from porcelain to tropical flowers and fruit from all over the world. In front of the historic market hall, you can buy fresh fish sandwiches, and inside you can eat brunch and enjoy a beer while listening to live music. A must-see! Hamburg Fischmarkt, Große Elbstraße, 9 – 22767 Hamburg (opened every Sunday)

Elbgold. Need a coffee break or a cosy place for a meeting? Try this excellent coffee shop in western Hamburg. Elbgold, Lagerstraße, 34c – 20357 Hamburg

GOOT – Finest Cuts. This restaurant, located near Hafen City, serves typical yet simple German food, perfect for lunch. GOOT – Finest Cuts, Depenau, 10 – 20095 Hamburg

Le Lion. This French-inspired cocktail bar is well-known in Germany for its signature cocktails, fine decoration, and excellent customer service. Le Lion, Rathausstraße, 3 – 20095 Hamburg

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