Running And Tourism In Oslo

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Cold, dark, snowy… This is probably what comes to your mind when you think of Northern cities. But they have much more to offer, certainly from a cultural, economic and social point of view. The most compelling example is probably Oslo, the Norwegian capital.

Oslo is surrounded by hills, forests and small lakes, making it a very pleasant city for both its residents and visitors. Climb up a hill and you will get a wonderful view over this multicultural city and its fjord.

Oslo, called Christiania until 1924, was under Danish domination until 1814. The streets still bear witness to this long Danish era, with architecture you would expect to find in Copenhagen.

Where to run in Oslo

Oslo, like every other Norwegian city, is a peaceful place where it’s always a pleasure to go for an afternoon stroll. Although 11% of the global Norwegian population lives there, Oslo is still very quiet, and there are few cars and motorcycles on the streets. Running with the Runnin’City app in Oslo is even nicer as you will get to discover the city centre’s different districts just by following the GPS and audioguide instructions in your headphones. The Royal Palace, the official residence of the royal family, located in the heart of the city, is a major Point Of Interest in the Viking capital, nestled in one of the nicest parks in the city. It is not to be missed!

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The team’s address book in Oslo

Norway has few of its own culinary specialties. But because it’s a multicultural city, Oslo is also home to lots of excellent restaurants which have adapted international dishes to include local products with a touch of Scandinavian technique.

Maaemo. Maaemo is undoubtedly the exception to this rule. It offers Scandinavian specialties and is one of the most popular restaurants in town. You will be able to try a creative cuisine, cooked with fresh products. Schweigaards gate, 15B – 0191 Oslo

Benjamin Bar & Bistro. In a relaxed atmosphere, this bar will take you from Norway to France. A perfect mix, that allows this bar-restaurant to reach the top 3 list of restaurants to try in Oslo. Soendre gate 6 – 0550 Oslo

Fjord Restaurant. In Norway, salmon is king! Spending a few days in Oslo and not eating fish would be criminal. If you want to try fresh fish, Fjord Restaurant is the place to go. Kristian Augusts gate 11 – 0164 Oslo
Please note that in Norway, most restaurants close at around 9.30pm, with last orders at 9, even in the heart of the capital. So don’t leave it too late if you want to try one of these restaurants!

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