The Best Motivational Quotes, by 28 Olympians

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Thanks to Instagram and other social networks, sharing motivational quotes has gained a lot of popularity. When nothing gets you motivated, a simple quote can get you to workout, or generally feel more positive.

Fitness Magazine has had the great idea to chat with 28 Rio-bound Olympians to get their go-to inspirational quotes – the ones that get them motivated when nothing else will.

We especially love this one by Ajee Wilson, number-one-ranked 800m runner:

Motivational Quote Ajee Wilson

Source: Fitness Magazine

“I’m a huge Usher fan,” she says, “so my senior quote in high school is from his song called ‘Be.’ My favourite lyric is, ‘On the road to the riches, don’t forget to stop to take pictures, Cause life ain’t about where you finish, but what you’ve learned along the way.'”

There are lots of other great motivational quotes there, so have a look at this article whenever you like.

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