Runnin’City Was In Lyon For The Run In Lyon Race This Sunday!

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The Run In Lyon race attracted 33,000 runners last Sunday for a 10-kilometer race, a half marathon, a the marathon. Our founders, Olivier and Christophe, were there. Here is a selection of pictures to make you feel the atmosphere of this crazy happy event.

The beautiful and peaceful banks of the river Rhone, where the marathon passes:

parcours berges


parcours berges

The last kilometer, near the Bellecour Square:




The finish line:


Our two founders, Olivier Lebleu and Christophe Minodier, just finished their half marathon!


People stretching and relaxing after the race, at Bellecour Square in the center of Lyon:










There were 27,361 finishers this Sunday. How beautiful! Congratulations everyone! Hope you all had a lot of fun. We personally did. Below are some “backstage” pictures of the run: the ride on the metro, the starting line, and the happy faces before the race 😉

Run In Lyon: In the Metro Sas de départ


Christophe dans le sas de départ Olivier

See you on the next race!

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