A Run In Rio De Janeiro: Watch A Short Video Of A 15-km Smart Run In Brazil

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If you’re dreaming of a Smart Run in Rio de Janeiro, watch this video by Take A Journey With Kim, who tried the Runnin’City app in Brazil and shared the experience with us!

Earlier this month, we announced that the gorgeous Kim from Take A Journey With Kim was taking the Runnin’City app around the world. Kim and her boyfriend David are actually spending the next few months travelling around South America, and then Oceania. They are both passionate about sports – surfing especially – and enjoy running from time to time. They thought using the Runnin’City app would be a good way to discover the cities they visit while also finding good running routes. First stop: a run in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil…

A run in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – by Take A Journey With Kim:

Runnin’City offers four Smart Runs in the city, which means there are four different itineraries for those of you wanting to run in Rio de Janeiro. Kim and David chose a 15-kilometre Smart Run, which led them round Lake Rodrigo de Freitas, the iconic beaches of Copacabana and Hipanema, as well as the Botanical Garden.

“We saw wonderful landscapes thanks to the app. We even visited the Fort Copacabana, that we would have probably missed without the help of the Runnin’City audio guide,” said Kim.


“We were particularly amazed to discover how green the city of Rio de Janeiro actually is. It is like a huge forest, growing in every street: there are palm trees, plants, and even toucans in the trees, it’s totally crazy! The other thing that made a big impression on us is the omnipresence of the Corcovado, visible from everywhere in the city. It is as if it protected Rio de Janeiro and its inhabitants,” she added.

Running in Rio de Janeiro (4)

Running in Rio de Janeiro (2)

Running in Rio de Janeiro (3)

Running in Rio de Janeiro (5)

Many thanks to Kim and David for trying the Rio de Janeiro Smart Runs and sharing their experience with us! Find more photos, videos and comments about their journey and running sessions from around the world online soon. Meanwhile, go follow Take A Journey With Kim on Instagram, and if can you read French, go have a look at their blog!

If you would like to share your Smart Run experiences with us, don’t hesitate to send us an email at content@runnincity.world!

The Runnin’City app and all the Smart Runs are free and available on the App Store and Play Store.

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