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#RunninSummit: Lisbon Running Tours At Web Summit 2016

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One week has passed since the end of the Web Summit in Portugal, and we thought it was about time to show you some pictures of the Lisbon Running Tours we did with over 60 other attendees!

Tuesday 8, Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 November, we met with some of the Web Summit’s 50,000 attendees for early morning runs. At 6.30 am each day, we offered everyone to discover the city of Lisbon while at the same time do a little cardio workout on an itinerary of about 6 kilometers.

These Lisbon Running Tours passed through the city’s main districts: Praça do Comércio, Bairro Alto, Restauradores, and Alfama. Although we didn’t climb up to the castle, the route still offered an elevation gain of 200 meters! Some of us found it painful sometimes, but the view at the top was definitely worth it.

We would like to thank all the participants who joined us because we really had a wonderful time running with you all through the streets of Lisbon at dawn. We met wonderful people and were thrilled to see how enthusiastic you were about our app project. Many thanks to the Web Summit’s organizers too, who greatly encouraged our initiative. And a big sorry to all of the attendees who only heard about the Lisbon Running Tours once they had arrived, and said they would have loved to join us if they had taken their training shoes with them. Next time we will run together for sure!

And now just one anecdote: on Thursday, while we had almost reached the end of our third Lisbon Running Tour, the group met a Swedish girl running alone and trying to find the best way to do a bit of sightseeing in Lisbon, before the start of a frenzied day at FIL and MEO Arena. She finally joined us and said she was happy the Runnin’City app was now available, because she will finally find some help to run in a city she doesn’t know. This kind of testimony is really important to us, because we designed the Runnin’City app with only one goal: make life easier for every runner who is also a globe-trotter. And we are incredibly thankful when some of you think we are achieving this goal…

Now, enough of the talking! Here are a few pictures for the good memories…

Meeting at 6.30 am under the arch of Rua Augusta:







Portas do Sol at dawn:

Portas do Sol at dawn - Lisbon






No more elevation gain, finally!


We hope you liked the experience and that you will try the Runnin’City app in another city! Do you have more pictures? Of better quality? You can still use the hashtag #RunninSummit on Twitter and Instagram if you have anything to share.

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