The Top 10 Smart Run Destinations According To Our Users

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With 100* cities available since the app was launched in September 2016, Runnin’City offers a unique range of tourist running destinations! We were curious to know which cities were the most popular on the app, and it turns out they spread across 4 continents: North America, Europe, Asia and South America! Here are Runnin’City’s top 10 most popular cities so far!

*Now 150+ cities available

#10. New York, the city that never sleeps

Empire state building of New York city
The Empire State Building, a landmark in New York

“I want to wake up in that city that doesn’t sleep / And find I’m king of the hill, top of the heap…” It seems a lot of you related to the lyrics in this famous song, and decided to head to The Big Apple for a Smart Run! Several of the latest routes released are based in New York, which has made it the app’s 10th most popular city. The good news is, throughout the year you can expect even more new Smart Runs in this cosmopolitan city. It’s got so much going for it, being the birthplace of so many major cultural and artistic movements, and the cradle of so many successful brands and businesses: New York truly embodies the “American dream.”

#9. Copenhagen, the Venice of the North

View of the old port in Copenhagen at a summer day
The old harbour of Copenhagen par une journée d’été

The Venice of the North combines the charms of a Southern city with a special Scandinavian twist. This beautiful capital city, including an old town that dates back to the Middle Ages, castles from the 18th century and the headquarters of the most dynamic Danish companies, such as Carlsberg, attracts business people and tourists alike. With the legendary Little Mermaid, Copenhagen is one of Runnin’City users’ favourite destinations: the three Smart Runs available there are among the most used on the app!

#8. Vienna, a city of arts and sciences

Wien Parlament bei Nacht
The Viennese Parliament

Vienna is an iconic European symbol, perhaps because the Austro-Hungarian Empire dominated the continent until the beginning of the last century. Mozart, Freud, the Empress Elisabeth of Austria… These illustrious characters are all linked to the city’s rich history, and their ghosts attract around 4 million tourists every year. Furthermore, Vienna is now the home to numerous international political institutions, such as the OSCE, the OPEC, and various agencies of the United Nations. Between 2005 and 2010, Vienna was the main international destination for congresses and conventions. Plus, the city has the most beautiful architecture, featuring numerous historic buildings. It is thus hardly surprising that Vienna is one of our users’ favourite destinations!

#7. Seville, the beauty of Andalucia

The Giralda Cathedral in Seville

Orange trees, mild winter temperatures, flamenco, tapas, Moorish architecture… How could anyone not fall for this beautiful Andalucian city? Runnin’City users certainly fell under its spell! In fact, they loved it SO much, that most of them embarked on the longest Smart Run there! A whole 15 kilometres of splendid Seville to explore. Congratulations to you all!

#6. Singapore, the garden city

Little India, Singapore

Singapore, the Southeast Asian city-state, is an attractive metropolis that seduces tourists and locals alike, particularly thanks to its wild, tropical greenery, parks and gardens. Despite the heat and humidity, which are typical of the region, the city of Singapore offers pleasant walks and runs. Incidentally, many Runnin’City users embarked on Smart Runs there, and discovered the city thanks to our tourist audioguide and GPS system, guiding them from Buddhist temples to parks to Chinatown and Little India.

#5. Buenos Aires, a city on the pampa

Caminito, dans le quartier de La Boca à Buenos Aires
Caminito, district of La Boca, Buenos Aires

The Argentinean capital is located on the west bank of the river Río de la Plata, at the point where it flows into the Atlantic Ocean, just a few kilometres away from the Uruguayan border. A major cultural city, it is home to numerous museums and theatres, as well as big commercial headquarters. Its subtropical climate, with mild winters and hot humid summers, seduces locals and tourists alike. A lot of you have used the Runnin’City app in Buenos Aires these last three months, and consequently, the city’s three Smart Runs are among the most popular on the app.

#4. Strasbourg, the European capital

Strasbourg and its cathedral

Famous for its delicious bretzels and choucroute, and picturesque half-timbered buildings and Christmas markets, the largest city in Alsace is a cultural capital as well as a hotspot for European politics. In fact, Strasbourg is home to both the European Council and the Parliament. It is one of the ten most populous cities in France, and the fourth most visited city on the Runnin’City app.

#3. Lisbon, the dynamic Portuguese city

La place du Rossio à Lisbonne
The Rossio Square in Lisbon

These last few years, the Portuguese capital has begun attracting more and more tourists and expatriates every year, all of them seduced by the warm weather, the ocean breeze, the city’s economic dynamism, the beautiful architecture, the scrumptious Pasteís de nata, and the fantastic nightlife typical of the Bairro Alto district. The hills of Lisbon, just next to the Atlantic ocean, are perfect for running, although challenging at times, with 200 to 400 metres of elevation gain depending on the Smart Run chosen. But clearly this is not enough to discourage a Smart Runner! Evidence for this is that Lisbon is the third most popular destination on the Runnin’City app.

#2. Paris, the City of Light

La Tour Eiffel en bordure de Seine
The Eiffel Tower, in front of the Seine river

Oh, Paris! Claimed by many to be the world’s most beautiful city, it is a hub of history and culture, where so many illustrious artists and writers have lived. The Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées, the theatres of Montparnasse, the electricity of the Pigalle district… To name but a few of the city’s world-famous landmarks, which make it the most visited place in the world. The Runnin’City app features 10* Smart Runs in Paris, of varied levels of difficulty, to encourage absolutely anyone to discover the best of the French capital.

*Figure from 2017, there are now over 40 Smart Runs available in Paris:

#1. Lyon, Runnin’City’s homeland

La basilique de Fourvière surplombe le Vieux-Lyon en bordure de la Saône
The Fourvière basilica overlooks the old town in front of the Saône river

Voted “best European travel destination for a weekend” at the latest World Travel Awards, Lyon is a lively yet peaceful metropolis, crossed by two rivers which join together to the south of the city, in the up-and-coming district of Confluence, while the ruins of Ancient Rome still stand on the hill alongside Fourvière. With so many historic buildings and monuments, as well as beautiful green spaces (including the Parc de la Tête d’Or), it is a pleasant city to stroll around. The Runnin’City app was born in Lyon: perhaps the reason it is the most popular!

Are you curious to know what the next 10 cities will be? Here they are: Barcelona, Marseille, Birmingham, Geneva, Bruges, Nice, Tel Aviv, Bordeaux, Prague and London. Please note that at least 3 Smart Runs are available in 150 cities across the globe with the Runnin’City app.

We hope that you have enjoyed Smart Running these last few months! If you have run some of the routes mentioned, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment at the end of this article!

The Runnin’City app is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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