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8 Reasons Why You Will Love The Runnin’City App

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Reason #1. It is the only running app that will guide you through over 100 cities across the globe.

If you have ever tried running in an unfamiliar city, the chances are you know how it feels to get lost or run in uninteresting places… And you don’t want it to happen again. Well, relax, the Runnin’City running app is here for you.

Reason #2. You don’t need to [know how to] read a map.

Have you ever tried to run while reading a map? It’s difficult! Directly through your earphones, the Runnin’City app tells you where to go when. So you can keep your phone in your pocket and just enjoy the run.

Reason #3. You will learn about the things you see along the way.

Leave your paper tourist guide at home, the Runnin’City app’s audio-guide will notify you when you come across a point of interest. It will let you know what it is, and give you a quick description. 

Reason #4. Doing some sightseeing while running will make your workout fly by.

Of course you like running, but if you can take your mind off the pain, it’s even better.

Reason #5. Remember that business trip where you saw none of the city? That will never happen again.

Runnin’City gives you the perfect chance to visit all the city’s main points of interest! We design routes of 5, 10 and 15 kilometres in each of the cities featured on the app, so you will need no more than an hour to take care of your body AND discover the best the city has to offer.

Reason #6. It will be your best excuse to order pizza AND tiramisù for dinner…

Because, you know, you will burn so many calories during your run before heading to a nice restaurant...

Reason #7. … Passing a beautiful monument gives you the best excuse to stop and walk.

Out of breath? Relax, Runnin’City is not the average running app that’s always pushing you further. You are welcome, encouraged even, to stop and admire the view. We wouldn’t want you missing out on the sights!

Reason #8. It is totally free!

Of course you’ve considered taking a guided tour with a local expert. But first, the meeting time was inconvenient, and then, crikey, it was so expensive! The Runnin’City app is free to download, and free to use. No premium account needed, and no in-app purchases either. Save your money for something else!

Download Runnin’City on the App Store or Google Play now!

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