Top 5 Smart Runs* you liked most in 2017

2017 is coming to an end, so we thought we’d have a look back at which of our 350 tourist running routes were most popular in 2017. Fasten your seat belts, we are about to take off…

* Smart Runs: tourist running routes, audio-guided by GPS and with tourist info on the (free) Runnin’City app.

#5: Along Sydney Bay


With its warm weather and iconic landmarks, the city of Sydney offers great panoramic views over the ocean. This 15km Smart Run in Sydney was the 5th most used on the Runnin’City app in 2017. Congratulations!

🏃 🌍  Sydney, Australia | Distance: 15 km | Ascent: 351 m | Level: Medium

#4: Amsterdam’s City Centre


Amsterdam’s typical canals, bicycles, rows of townhouses and hipster neighbourhoods are admired from around the world. No surprises then that the capital of the Netherlands made it to the top 4 of Runnin’City’s most popular destinations this year. This 10km Smart Run guides users through the city centre, passing by landmarks such as Anne Frank’s house and the Red Light District.

🏃 🌍  Amsterdam, Netherlands | Distance: 10 km | Ascent: 78 m | Level: Easy

#3: Lisbon, the City of a Thousand Colours

Settled just in front of the ocean, and overlooked by the Alfama and Bairro Alto hills, Lisbon is a true Atlantic gem. Its beautiful panoramas earned this 5km route 3rd place in this year’s list of top Smart Runs.

🏃 🌍  Lisbon, Portugal | Distance: 5 km | Ascent: 193 m | Level: Medium

#2: A Little Stroll in New York

New York

This year, a lot of you tested the Runnin’City app in New York! An international cultural centre, while also home to an iconic marathon, what could be better than a guided run around it all? From Central Park to Times Square, this 5km tour is easily a Smart Runner’s favourite.

🏃 🌍  New York, USA | Distance: 5 km | Ascent: 83 m | Level: Easy

#1: Lyon Essentials

The former capital of the Gauls is home to the silk industry and where the traditional “bouchon” restaurant originated. Lyon is bursting with culture, and Smart Runners from around the world seem to enjoy a sightseeing run there with the Runnin’City app. This year, once again, it was the most popular route on the app.

🏃 🌍 Lyon, France | Distance: 10 km | Ascent: 130 m | Level: Easy.
This Smart Run is brought to you by Rhônexpress

Here are this year’s next most popular  Smart Running cities. Were you there?

Boston (#6) | Geneva (#7) | Paris (#8) | San Francisco (#9) | Bordeaux (#10) | Los Angeles (#11) | Vienna (#12) | Rome (#13) | Sao Paulo (#14) | Seville (#15) | Florence (#16) | Marrakech (#17) | Montréal (#18) | Barcelona (#19) | Mexico (#20).

3 perfect destinations for the holiday season (and the best Smart Runs* in town)

Did you really think you were about to spend the whole holiday season eating chocolate and watching Love Actually?

Runnin’City has a better idea. The free app has got exercise, tourism, culture, and so much more in store for you. And, it’s free!

Let’s focus on three perfect destinations for the holiday season. All of them are pretty chilly, but if you’re about to jet off to bask in the sun, don’t worry! We have over 350 Smart Runs around the world.

* Smart Runs : tourist running routes, audio guided by GPS with tourist info on the (free) Runnin’City app.


With its iconic Christmas market and lights, Strasbourg is a festive favourite. The Runnin’City app has three Smart Runs there. You can try each of them while running, or alternatively while walking with a mug of hot chocolate!

🏃 🌍  Strasbourg, France | Distance: 5, 10 or 15km | Level: Easy



Just lately, the capital of Iceland has become increasingly popular. Since it is rumoured to be one of Father Christmas’ home towns, and where elves are believed to dwell to this day, it has got to be the ultimate festive holiday destination! A quick reminder: if you are planning on going for a Smart Run there, please put warm running clothes on (and send us pictures)!

🏃 🌍  Reykjavik, Iceland | Distance: 5, 10 or 15km | Level: Easy



Have you ever dreamt of seeing the Red Square under Christmas lights? The amount of snow on the floor could very well discourage you from running, but you can still discover the city while walking with the Runnin’City app! (© Picture: @_tery_pro_ / Instagram)

🏃 🌍  Moscow, Russia | Distance: 5, 10 or 15km | Level: Easy

Tourist running in Porto: Discover the charm of this Portuguese city

Smart runs in Lisbon were already available on the app, and they’re great, but the next best thing? Porto. Three brand new exclusive itineraries await you in Porto, of 5, 10 or 15 kilometres.

Next time you jet off to Porto, remember to take your running shoes and headphones with you, and you’ll get a free tour of Porto thanks to the Runnin’City app!

Porto, a city that attracts more and more tourists every year

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