Running in Paris without pollution is now possible!

Poor air quality is often used as an extra excuse not to go running outdoors. But now, you can happily run in the city without worrying about pollution!

Did you know that runners absorb twelve times more air particles than walkers? This means that although running is supposed to be great for keeping fit and healthy, city running can actually prove harmful when air quality drops. But panic not! Runnin’City has the solution!

The Runnin’City app now offers 40 Smart Runs in Paris. What’s new? The fact that each route is updated in real-time according to levels of pollution. So now you can have the perfect runner’s body as well as healthy lungs!

And there’s more! We have also added new features to make every Smart Run even more enjoyable!

These new features were developed in partnership with the Paris city council as part of the DataCity challenge. The new features are currently only available in Paris, but keep an eye out, as they will soon be launched in other towns too.

✅ Breathe easy

It is common knowledge that we cannot see fine particles. So how can you tell what the air quality is like on your run? Runnin’City has the answer. The app indicates each route’s air quality in real time, warning you of spikes in pollution. Finally, some clear and reliable information on pollution!

✅ Don’t waste time

Have you ever found yourself in a street full of roadworks, where you’re forced to slalom between diggers and jackhammers? Or ended up stuck outside a park just after it closes? To avoid such mishaps, the Runnin’City app will alert you to roadworks impeding your route and to park opening times. Nifty isn’t it!

✅ An all-round training session

Torn between heading outside for a run and hitting the gym? Get the best of both worlds with Runnin’City! To work the entire body, without running on a treadmill, take a look at the map: the running route incorporates exercises at the city’s outdoor gym stations. Who’s up for it!?

✅ Everything you need

Running makes you hot. When you’re hot, you need to drink plenty of water. Simples! So good news – the map points out all the nearby water fountains, perfect for staying hydrated in summer!

✅ Ooze intelligence

After all, sport isn’t everything. With Runnin’City, work both your legs and your brain! Each of the 550 running routes around the world offers cultural anecdotes about the monuments passed en route. So you’ll have plenty to talk about at the next dinner party, or maybe win that weekly pub quiz!


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